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and energy as my wife, she gets more satisfaction added a parent and i do because of the nature of her activities. in saying all of this, i leave open all sorts of things we can debate. i leave open all sorts of ways in which we can talk about government might help or might not help. ultimately, what i reject to in a great many of the programs, the problem is that they did too much of the life out of life. in these remarks i have not attended to persuade any of you that i am right. i do hope as i talked it will give you a context for explaining what i mean. >> thank you very much. >> do i get this extra time? >> let me just say what an honor it is to share a stage with charles murray and with clarence. charles is a giant of social policy and one of the most influential people in that field. while i profoundly disagree with much of what he has written and believes to be true, i have been reading him for years. i've always heard a voice of passion. it is always about trying to figure out ways to help and not hurt the people as they try to achieve their goals and dreams. i can only hope t
put the audio. this will give your energy. despite changing the will you will save the energy. we can monitor what you are doing. the king collect information. -- they can collect information. all of these things you can share with your friends. a convicted on facebook. -- you can put it on facebook. it is a very good way to increase the number of sites in copenhagen. instead collecting air miles, you collect green miles. this was the initial prototype. now we have these in cars. we are getting very close to its. publicly it will be here next year. read it carefully, it will be here next year. read it carefully, it will be here next year. -- hopefully, it will be here next year. >> come up on the stage. is the vice president and director of the metropolitan policy program at the brookings institution. he will be joined by a bunch of other panelists for how far can innovations take our cities. >> thanks. while they get ready, i wanted to thank the sponsors here and think what you have done. you have taken a very broad view of technology and innovation. he said right at the beginning. i
of where we get our energy and a lecture city. have data centers. i passed a bill to give a better tax treatment to data centers to come in here and grow them through what virginia and here in loudoun county. we recently had new companies coming in and do this, but they depend on low-cost, affordable energy. and this administration is driving the cost of energy up and driving people out of work. those people who lost those 1200 jobs at good, high-paying jobs. they had health care. they were able to pay for retirement, help their kids go to school. now they have lost their jobs and this administration is absolutely opposed to this industry in a way -- you have not seen barack obama go down to that area. mr. romney has been down there, paul ryan. they have gotten a huge, strong response. in 2010, rick boucher who have been there for years, was beaten by the republican candidate, morgan griffith, who was the majority leader of the house of delegates. very strong support in southwest virginia because they understand governor romney has a plan for energy. host: we will have to leave the ans
country will become energy self-sufficient at some point. i am not saying it will happen tomorrow. that will be a huge game changer. what has been described as our achilles' heel for years and years, this notion of this declining and weak u.s. economy, even that will be changing. when you hear a country like japan looking at off the table type of demographics or japan which is now gone from 128 million people has gone down. we're looking at 70 million people in our children's lifetime. japan is foreswear nuclear energy because of last year's catastrophe. the look at the united states. we are going to be a very big player for years to come for a lot are reasons, including our economy. i think it is a good time to look at this. we are not in any kind of declining mode. we'll be more important in the coming years. >> i would like to respond to one thing. i was thinking about what the last to the speakers were talking about. whether we should be optimistic about whether this can be sustained. i think the challenges are greater than richard laid out. i am optimistic we will be able to
renewable energy. i think that we have solar power that has to be explored and energy efficiency is really the key. we have to conserve and become more efficient when it comes to our use of energy and fuel, and that will lead to less reliance on gas and while and less hydrocarbons in the atmosphere and ultimately, less money spent. >> moderator: i'm going to go next to charlie and then we will wrap it up. summers: when someone works in the woods or the water, what they want to be able to do is get back and forth to work in an expensive way. i think we have a moral responsibility in this country to look for energy resources here. whether and whether you're talking about oil or gas or coal, nuclear power, we have to have in all of the above strategy. ten years ago in the united states senate, they had a debate and they said if we start drilling now, it will take 10 years before that will becomes in our fuel system. that would've been done and we would've had it here today that was done 10 years ago. we have a responsibility. we should be drilling for oil here in this country and we should be
being discussed. how would you vote on energy issues? >> i think energy is of extreme importance. drives our economy. we need to focus on renewable resources with regards to the investment of the federal government and the government that stays out of the way with respect to the private market otherwise. we have our tax dollars going -- the money you sent into the federal government -- going acts on mobile. instead of sending money there, halis to be invested in green energies. we have a tremendous swing belt that runs to this district. there are people who would love to get their work if they have subsidies available. building the giant blades for those wind farms. they got governmental assistance. i would like to see us invest in that fashion. >> yes or no? >> yes. >> yes. >> two minutes. >> does it start again? all right. [laughter] it is not mathematical reality to think we can run the america on -- our supplies are going down. they are going down because of the burdens and regulatory environments shutting down power plants. what we have to do is look at my energy plan. it is an all
we can make -- we can act as our own domestic energy. this administration has made it illegal to get a permit to access natural gas on public grounds. the keystone pipeline is another thing that this administration has put a halt to. my opponent supports the pipeline yet she has -- she is endorsed by one of the biggest firms out there that says you cannot do anything that will put a pipeline in. the key thing here is to get the government -- the overt regulation is crushing our economy. those are the facts. we have to have clean air, clean water. at the same time, when you have the federal government telling the american farmer that your 17-year-old daughter cannot drive a tractor, who will take better care of the farm kid? mom and dad or big government? the key thing is to have both parties coming together sharing ideas. not one party telling us what we cannot do. let's look at everything and do it in a responsible way for our economy, for our environment and also to make sure that people are safe on their jobs. >> we need to get away from our reliance on foreign energy. we are taki
energy on the ground with actual voters and personal stories. and finally, my goal from massachusetts writes, since my vote will not matter, have put my energy into getting democratic support for president obama when he is reelected, elizabeth warren for senate. we want to hear from those in non-swing states this morning. the phone lines are open. as we are waiting for you to call, i will point to the front page of usa today. the headline -- four days to seal the deal. after a brief campaign hiatus' courtesy of hurricane sandy, president obama and mitt romney resumed campaigning. the candidate's weekend travel schedules made it clear where the election was likely to be decided. obama was slated to return to ohio today. saturday, sunday and monday. he was set to appear in iowa, virginia, wisconsin, florida, new hampshire and colorado. romney was doubled to campaign in ohio, went -- wisconsin, new hampshire and virginia. statewide polls differ on who was ahead in colorado and i what it should obama with a single digit lead in nevada and wisconsin. eight of nine surveys are the past week
to lower energy costs to get america and energy independence. i want the caveat in there. we have to do it in environmentally sound ways and we have to trust and verify that trust. opposition is the same as and rendell -- ed rendell. >> this is not so much an ideological issue. a year ago when i had a vote on the delaware basin commission, i said i would not -- was not prepared to say yes. it did not proceed at that time. i think the more domestic energy we can produce is better. natural gas has some significant advantages. once you turn this faucet on, you cannot turn it off. my view is the regulation, the reason i disagree, we have studied them and the regulations between pennsylvania and new york and other states were not consistent. with this has to be driven by the facts. should i become convinced we have sufficiently robust protections built in to make sure it is safe, i can see supporting it but i am not there. >> our job is really the most optimal trade-off to this fracking issue? >> i am not sure it is a trade- off. i am not sure where the litmus test is or how far we have to g
wants workers trained to work better for them. he wants their energy costs now. that is what will keep energy -- otter jobs here in ohio. that is what mitt romney is going to. balks, we are in the fourth quarter. the score is tied. we're in the red zone. we got the momentum on our side. are we going to be sure that we take mitt romney over the goal line in the next eight days? ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, mitt romney. b >> thank you. what an avon lake welcome. thank you so very much. thank you, senator portman, and the lieutenant governor has been going with us all over the state. her support means everything in the world. the senator was my sparring partner. he was really strong. i finally -- it is nice not to argue with him all the time. withs good to have withhim me on the campaign trail. we have got to reelect him as the next congressman from the district, and we have other folks you may know. chairman reince priebus, and the former cleveland browns great gary baxter is here. we appreciate his support in the campaign. i have been heartened by the s
,supporter of this which we are grateful for. it is symbolic of the incredible new energy developing in detroit. he created a company in 1999 here in detroit that has been operating all the time. two weeks ago, it sold for a nice exit. here's the story of a company that came from here, went all the way -- he's done well with that. in the meantime, he has invested in a ton of other companies. i want to start by asking you, when i told you about this, you wanted to be part of it. why did you think this was a good idea? >> i didn't think it was good, i thought was a great idea. i appreciate the fact you're willing to do it and shine a spotlight on detroit. it's not just about detroit, it's the story of entrepreneurship in america and how it is spread more broadly through the nation than we realize. tremendous companies there and it's something we're all proud of. there are a lot of company -- a lot of companies across the nation that don't get attention. but in detroit, there is something special because in many ways, detroit was silicon valley decades ago. this was at that time that most fast-growing compani
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)